Production problems

Low productivity, high personnel turnover rate and excessive recruitment cost
Finding and retaining workers is a challenge
Production management team is too busy managing shop floor personnel
It’s hard to make manual labor attractive to prospective jobseekers

Traditional methods of productivity increase and employee
retention don’t work anymore

What to Do When a Higher Wage Isn’t Enough?

ProductivityStar solution

Connectia delivers 30% productivity increase and 25% turnover rate reductions by implementing a fully autonomous manual labor monitoring solution

We install a computer vision kit monitoring your production lines
Smart learning tools available online from the best workers improve overall skills
Our software is identifying individual performance by each and every employee
Employees see their salary online. They realize the benefits of direct and objective evaluation

How it works

Employees work at assigned locations
Employees see their respective salary online
A camera identifies employees and counts individual performance
Objective evaluation encourages productivity improvement
ProductivityStar is processing the data and calculates personal wage
Production management has precise and unbiased control tool
ProductivityStar is a completely external system, no integration required, it works independently

Why ProductivityStar?

ProductivityStar makes your employees happier. Having happy employees is
extremely important for the survival and performance of any organization,
especially one with the manual labor-intensive operations.

According to Deloitte’s 2017 Global Human Capital Trends “a productive, positive employee experience has emerged as the new contract between employer and employee.”

Happy employees are:

more productive
work better together
spreading happiness
Happy people want to get better. ProductivityStar provides each and every employee a video guide teaching best practice from the most successful workers

Why ProductivityStar makes employees happy

Recent study “AI at Work” conducted by Oracle and Future Workplace 2019 showed that 64 percent of people would trust a robot more than their manager.

When asked what robots can do better than their managers, survey respondents said
robots are better at providing unbiased information (26 %),
maintaining work schedules (34 %),
and problem solving (29 %).

We, at ProductivityStar, understand that when it comes to OBJECTIVE evaluation nothing beats unbiased computer vision. Not only ProductivityStar fairly evaluates the performance, it also advises on optimal employees’ placement in various production departments.

Unbiased performance evaluation creates atmosphere of fairness and eventually brings happiness to the workplace.

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